sizes and prices
sizes and prices:


My Plush Terriers are currently available for six Terrier breeds:


Airedale/Welsh Terrier


Bedlington Terrier


Irish Terrier


Kerry Blue Terrier


Red Lakeland Terrier

Wire Fox Terrier

(pictures and english descriptions


I sew four different sizes*:



(9 cm = 3,55

25 €**

+ 2,40 € national shipment

+ 3,45 € internat. shipment

(15 cm = 5,9

39 €**

+ 4,90 € national shipment

+ 5,00 € internat. shipment

(21 cm = 8,3 inch)

59 €**

+ 4,90 € national shipment

+ 7,00 € internat. shipment

(30 cm = 11,8 inch)

75 €**

+ 4,90 € national shipment

+ 15,00 € internat. shipment

All Terriers are made made by hand using high quality mohair plush and are also "hand-groomed". Therefore, each animal is unique and there are slight variations to the photo possible.

* Exeptionally the Red Lakeland is not available as pendant yet, because the material is not suitable for this tiny size.

** Since the color distribution of each Fox Terrier is unique and therefore the use
of material and time is bigger, the price for the Wire Fox is 10 € more expensive for each model. Additionally to your order you can send me some pictures, which show the color distribution of your pet. Possibly some color stains can not taken into account, but the goal is to come to the original as closely as possible!
If you dont't want a personalized one, the color distribution will be according to my pictures.


For further questions or if you are interested in one of my terriers you can send me an e-mail by a click on the picture: